Why Digital Profile is Necessary?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Today, a large number of online networks, services, and information sources require you to have a profile of some description. The things you like, the groups you subscribe to, the people you connect with, all of this online activity is building up a digital image of who you are. But of course, just as this increase in digital capability has spurred on connectivity and sharing, so too has it empowered us with a greater awareness of our digital presence. In today’s world, the vast majority of us will curate and manage our digital presence in some way. So on a sliding scale of importance, where should your corporate intranet profile fall within the various digital profiles you need to manage?

The Image clearly indicates various platforms one must care to link their business work on these social media platforms. But according to our suggestion, it is not necessary that every individual business owner should be worried to manage all the social media platforms all at one time. It will be time-consuming as well as it might compromise the quality of the product. We strongly believe that in India a large number of audiences are engaged in very few famous digital platforms like Facebook, Youtube & Instagram. If oneself manages to engage his audience on this particular platform will likely be successful in directing more sales than his/her competitor.

Working for a company that specializes in delivering ​SharePoint Intranets, we see varied requirements for enterprise digital solutions. However, a very commonly requested piece of functionality is an employee phone book or profile system.

The value of this functionality stems in most cases from three core drivers.

1. Connections

Having an effective profile system internally within a business allows people to connect with their colleagues. Rather than only meeting the people that share your function or your desk you can meet people from across the wider business. The benefit of this being a shared perspective and knowledge. Sometimes a fresh pair of eyes and a new approach to a challenge can be just what is needed to solve a problem or improve on best practices. Making knowledge and insight fluid in this way rather than trapped within your staff or their immediate locale makes for smarter working and smarter people. Nonetheless, earlier connections were very time consuming and hard to interact with people without knowing their interest or willingness on certain aspects of our thinking. Which always keeps a bounty price for the person who manages to make new connections. Surprisingly, the connections which one finds difficult in a face to face interaction is always easy and time saving on a digital platform.

2. Collaboration

A big part of working effectively as a team and collaborating on a project is ensuring that the team that has been put together is right for the job. A profile system that supports basic information about function skills and experience is a great way of supporting better team building. Teams with the necessary talents on board are able to work smarter and consequently are likely to be more successful, which is great for the business and the people involved.

3. ​Culture

The first two benefits of an effective profile system certainly feed into the last. The benefits of great corporate culture are hard to measure but are certainly noticeable. By empowering staff to build up a network of more effective and stronger connections with people from across the business you are building on their affinity for the business. By supporting them to be a part of more successful teams you are driving their success and their genuine value and worth. And finally, by giving users a place to call their own within the digital workplace they are able to feel recognized and bring a small piece of who they are and what they bring to the business to the surface.

As you can see the potential value of an effective people directory is significant, both at an organizational and personal level. Just by being aware of your people and supporting your people in being aware of each other. Yet you can build an even better recipe for success. This makes that digital workplace personal profile pretty important in our book!

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