What are the most common types of Problems faced, especially in Digital Marketing?

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Recently the pandemic situation has raised work from home and business mindset among youngsters. And they believe the most reliable option to start a business is a Digital marketing agency. It sounds promising. In addition to the latest reports of business industries, digital marketing is a booming industry in 2020 and pandemic situation too. But every positive side has few drawbacks, and setback ends up in disaster. There are a few problems which are vital for a digital marketing agency. They are mainly because of the partners involved in the marketing agency. A small misunderstanding can always lead to a fight between the inner circle. Well, this all is way too complicated and very personal problems to talk as a niche topic in blog content. I am here to provide you with the Five most common situations faced by the digital marketing agency.

They are as follows:-

1)Sales Call

2)Miss communication

3)Terms and conditions

4)Payment issues

5)Emotional trauma

Well, this is the problems which most of the Agency companies face most of the time and developmental differences between them and as usual, the movie doesn't end well in the last.

Sales Call:-

Well this term itself defines the necessity of the agency to survive and meet individual survival liability over the company and their families. Well, the major drawback of this term is that very few people are very good with people. And its the most admirable quality in a person to achieve sales for the company. The salesperson in a company is like Heart who pumps the blood throughout the body. If the heart functioning is low or incapable the whole body collapses with it. To never face such misfortune situation the group of friends should be able to identify the person who is capable as well as good with people and can bring assets for the company. Most of the time the group of friends don't have that type of person is who well and good with people so it creates a drawback for them to grow or do sales for their company. This applies to the whole business community who are aspiring to start their own business.

Miss Communication:-

Miss communication is a two-part misunderstanding, where the customer and the owner both have some sort of communication gap. This applies between the agency people inside. Like, for instance, say the service charge or the technical team has a communication gap between salesperson. This leads to major rumble between the inner-circle. Let me paint a picture to explain it properly, Technical team has some guidelines in which they process their work and the sales team unknowingly promises to provide the service which develops a major failure loss for the company. To avoid such kind of situation they should explain every inch of the process which the technical team flows through to complete the process. Without knowing the process often leads to misunderstanding between customers and the agency. Ultimately leads to defaming for the company.

Terms and Condition:-

The terms and conditions for a company project the rules and regulations set by the owners for the smooth functioning of the company and system. Most of the time due to mutual friendships the partners you have been working all these years misuse the benefits of the company for own purpose. when these things come to light creates havoc inside the company. Those situations tremble the entire company base because of the flaws in the terms and conditions. To avoid such kind of situations one should be aware of the loopholes and should know the tactics to hold on and fill those gaps one might misuse those benefits.


The term Payment is very basic and no matter how perfect one can trust each other, without proper record can cause problems for the place. Proper accounting ability and proper record for every penny in the company will make a difference in companies growth. These Problems basic but yet a hell of a ride. Take it into consideration before being a dumb ginny pig to lose all the money.

Emotional Trauma:-

This implies every individual people. Because this solely depends on individual problems like their love relationship, friendship disturbance and family problems. Someone may have experienced a breakup such type of person cant concentrate on their work. Their weak energy may affect the vibes inside the company atmosphere.

Family problems play a major role in company growth. For instance, let us say the person is suffering a big loss in his family earning and he working a double shift or else that person might quit partnership and accepts some other company job just for pay. This is the most common problem faced by a young entrepreneur.

Well, these problems are common and major too if you failed to handle properly you might end up in disband your group and face solo loss in that journey. You not only lose the relationship build all these years but always valuable time which you might affect your life later.

Choose wisely to whom you want to work with and with whom. Make it mandatory Rules and conditions to follow each one of your members. And also make sure to take tough decisions for the business and for the valuable time of your life.

Thanks for sticking with me for so long. Find it useful please follow and share us on social media platforms. Cheer to life and hope for this Corona pandemic end soon.

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