Difference between Popular Hosting Companies.

Here you can get the gist of all the hosting companies listed below and their uptime and Server response for websites.

What's up party people? Now, what is the best web hosting? How many times have you asked someone and then you got a bunch of different answers from a bunch of different people. And you still weren't really sure if it's a good web host or not.

Well, today we are going to find out because what I've done is I've purchased different web hosting companies, and I've tested it and watched the performance for two months. I'm going to share the results of companies that performed really well. And then companies that performed really bad. In fact, there are some companies that performed so poorly, I had to actually kick them out on my web hosting a competition so I'll be revealing those companies along with all the others today in this Blog.


keep in mind I have installed the same size theme on all of these websites to make it a fair and accurate non-bias test to give you real practical results of which hosting company truly is the fastest and the most reliable in this Blog. Now, you might be wondering, how did you start this test? How did you achieve this test? Well, what I did here was I actually used to manage WP to watch their uptime. So when the site is up, I want to know if the site's up and when it goes down. This program will notify me when the site goes down. And this is good because it lets me know what is a reliable hosting company and what is a not reliable web hosting company.  

Now, one thing I want to talk about before we go to the first company is a common problem with beginners when they're shopping for web hosting. Now, when you go to these websites, you see their plans, right. And you might come across things where it says a certain amount of monthly visitors. So here it says 10,000 monthly visits, 25,000 monthly visits, and then 100,000 monthly visits as well.

But then you go to other companies and it says unlimited everything. Now when these companies say Unlimited, everything, that is simply not true. What they do is they actually throttle you once you get to a certain point. So once you hit certain storage and certain traffic, they throttle your plan, they slow it down, and they force you to upgrade which is very deceitful, especially for beginners. In fact, if you go to their terms of service, they'll actually tell you so bandwidth and disk usage

Point to be noted

Basically saying, we will provide you with this, but it has to be reasonable. So the services are intended for reasonable space businesses, etc. So that's what they really mean when they say unlimited. So when you see companies offer unlimited everything, it is simply not true. So I just want to educate you on that myth of web hosting, because a lot of beginners ask me, and it's a very good question.

The Most unreliable and worst company according to my opinion is these three hosting Companies

  1. Interserver

  2. Dream Host

  3. Name Cheap

These Companies had too much downtime and too many problems with their web host. So, unfortunately, those three companies were disqualified from my competition.

1) Hostgator

The Very First Company is Hostgator which is quite popular on the internet. Hostgator has seen almost 7000 ms of server response time, which is very, very slow. That's seven seconds for information to get to their server. Now they had a total of four hours of downtime, which is a little high in my book.


I won't Recommend the Hostgator hosting company.

2) Green Geeks

green geeks were last year's champion. So let's take a look at Green geek's results. Now on average, they had only 31 minutes of downtime over two months. And their average server response time is around 2000 ms. And that's basically two seconds. So that's not bad. And their load time is around 2.73, which is again, not bad at all. In fact, if you look at their server, it is consistent.


Sure, I think they're a solid company. They also have good customer support, and you can get hosting for a year from them for about 100 bucks. So that's a decent price. In fact, most of these companies all charge around the same price.

3) Fastcoment

So fast comet, again, is another company that offers some really competitive pricing like Hostgator. They're really, really cheap. Now they had around only 31 minutes of downtime, which is not bad. Now they had an average load time. Sorry. That's how I'm saying that average server response of 3500 which is 3.5  

With their low time being around 2.24 seconds. Now personally, I think that this is a little too long, they're a little too high. As far as server response time goes, I mean, 3500 is just a little too high, but their low time isn't that bad.


So if you're gonna ask me what I recommend fast comments. Again, I'm neutral on this one, because, But if you're on a budget, and you want to host from this company, go for it, you know, if they have a really good sale, or if they have a good deal, you know, Sure, go ahead, go check it out.

4) GoDaddy

GoDaddy. Now I remember when I was a kid, GoDaddy had those provocative commercials of like women and like bikinis and they're acting all like, oh, GoDaddy, and I'm like, What is this? Is this a porn company? Or is this a web hosting company? But that marketing campaign is actually what got them famous. But GoDaddy had only around two hours of downtime, and their average load time is around three seconds. So that's not that bad at all. Now, unfortunately, a lot of people hate this company. Whenever I see Facebook groups, I have a group myself or a Divi group. I just see people with nothing but negative things to say about GoDaddy, and it's probably due to their customer service. It can be due to their servers going down or something like that. But these results are not that bad. However, due to the overwhelming negativity amount, or reports that I get from people, I'm going to remain neutral on this one.


Go Daddy has created their brand among common people but lost their quality in this pursuit. But I would like to remain neutral Because there are more websites which are far way faster than this hosting company.

5) Site Ground

Next is Siteground. Now you've seen my channel, you know, I recommend Siteground people out there probably think, oh, Daryl, you just like to promote this company because you know, they pay you commissions or whatever. And guys, that is not true. I mean, part of it is the truth. But this company has just been proven to have great customer service, good pricing.

They had an average server response time of 1.5 seconds, which is lower than all of the other web hosting companies. And they only had around 26 minutes of downtime. So that right there is pretty good. Now let's take a look at their speed. So their low time is around 1.87, which again is faster than all the previous other companies.


I would definitively recommend this hosting company. Yes, this company has dynamic pricing and service for their customers.

6) Namehero

Last But Not Least the hosting Company. Now name hero again, is a very underrated host. But this company again they're pretty good. In fact, they're one of the best on this whole list. Now let's take a look at named heroes results here, now named hero only had four minutes of downtime. So that's better than Siteground. Now, taking a look at their speed, again, their low time is on average 1.19 seconds, which is faster than every other company on this list. As far as shared hosting, we're gonna talk about cloud and managed in just a bit. But for right now, all these shared accounts, mean hero is faster than all of the other companies on this list. You can see here the results are consistent. So they're not like that haywire. I mean, they're there. They're on average.


So if you're gonna ask me what to recommend aim here. The name hero is better but they are not quite popular on the internet and among people too.  

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