ad campaigns

We Offer Pay per Click (PPC) Services, an internet advertising campaign on websites, in which the advertiser pays to the publisher/website owner when the users click on a specific banner or a link. PPC is an actual way of gaining traffic to generate ads. This is where paid advertising comes in.


With over 2.6 billion monthly active users as of the first quarter of 2020, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. It has generated multiple ways to integrate and engage potential customers with Demographics and interest and many more. Which gives greater marketing ability to interact with the targeted audience at the lowest possible capital.  

We highly recommend and specialized in Facebook ad campaigns to grow more leads for your particular products and services.

2     Instagram

Instagram has 1.2 Billion active users in 2020. It has constantly tried to attract users by launching a new model in the application called Reel which makes users spend more time on it. This Platform is mainly applicable for increasing brand awareness and the fashion industry. The high-resolution content with lots of editing options enables a bigger market than Facebook.

We strongly believe Instagram has the potential to engage customers with products and services by Ad campaigns in a creative way. 

3     Linkedin

The Active users of this platform are around 675 million which is low compared to other platforms. But according to us, LinkedIn is the best and efficient way to outsource your products and services to potential customers. This platform holds the most important factor in narrowing the results for professional people who are actually looking for products and services.

Compared to other platforms LinkedIn has the potential to achieve accuracy in targeting customers. We highly recommend LinkedIn for NGOs, Education business etc.

4     Google

Google has 8 Trillion active users in 2020. It has constantly tried to attract users by constantly making the user interface more convenient other Search Engine Platform. This Platform helps small business owners to showcase their products and services and local level for customers who can easily find them on the Search engine platform. Google Ad Services so Trustworthy and Convenient for small business owners to Convert leads for their business.

Compared to other platforms Google has the potential to achieve accuracy in targeting customers specified to location easily. We highly recommend Google for small business owners, etc.


Our planning mainly focussed on finding loopholes in your and competitor products and services so that we can project ourselves better. This also includes creating interactive design and content to engage customers. Our budding creative team always strives to provide creativity in their work.


 Keywords are important because they are the linchpin between what people are searching for and the content you are providing to fill that need. We provide high-performance keywords to generate more leads. Our Keywords list is performance-based and already used over Search engines. we use them on the basis of low bid strategy.


The best point to Hire us is we closely monitor customer behavior for products and services by using analytics tools as well as CRM personalized for each business. Our Report is Custom made which covers a wide range of fields for better understanding the performance of PPC. Our Analytics report contains not only current performance but also future planning mentioned in detailed.


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